Miniature wedding cakes

Miniature wedding cakes

Miniature wedding cakes are the talk of the town, and look particularly fabulous in the styling of the dessert table, or individually boxed as ‘favours’. They are sweet, elegant, tasty, and are the perfect sweet treat for your guests. They can be personally individualised, embellished with flowers, hearts, succulents and more. If you really want to impress and have the budget for it, why not have individual mini versions of your wedding cake. We’re all over this ‘sweet’ trend.


Top image: via Pinterest
Middle left image 1:  Gold & White mini tiered cakes via
Middle left image 2:  Mini naked cakes via Pinterest @cake_me_pretty
Bottom left image:  Mini white cake via Pinterest
Middle right image: Pink semi naked miniature cakes via Pinterest
Bottom right image: Mini white tiered cakes with succulents via Pinterest @weddingomania



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