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Macramé is Back! Plan Your Perfect Bohemian Wedding

Bring back the 70’s! Macramé has made a comeback and is currently a front running trend for weddings. Backdrops, table runners and macrame flower pot holders – everything goes. Go on and have a dig through your Mum, Aunty’s or Nana’s cupboard, as she may have the perfect memorabilia for your special ‘boho chic’ wedding day.

macrame backdrop

Macrame makes a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos.

If they don’t (or if they made the grave mistake of throwing out these potential heirlooms in the 90s), never fear! There are still plenty of ways to bring some macrame into your life.

DIY Macrame

A favourite is to learn how to do it – all you need is a dowel and some cord. You can acquire macrame kits relatively cheaply or you can splash out on something a little more luxurious. There are plenty of options at Spotlight or you can get everything from pre-made wall hangings and baskets to patterns and full DIY kits on ETSY NZ. Failing that, check out your local craft markets. There’s bound to be oodles of gorgeous macrame items there. Go anyway, you might get some inspiration for your own patterns and styles.

It’s easy to learn the basics of macrame. I’m loving this guide to knots and patterns from Red Heart. Get your bridesmaids (or heck, the whole wedding party!) together for the day and have everyone make something that you can use. While planning a wedding can be very stressful and time consuming, sometimes doing something with your hands is quite therapeutic and relaxing. Not to mention, if you have a wedding planner, you’ll have loads of extra time to get crafty (shameless self-plug)!

macrame backdrop

Below are a few ideas for how you can incorporate macrame into your wedding day.


There are so many places to look for inspiration, and there’s macrame to suit all sorts of bohemian styles. I absolutely love these styled backdrops – there’s literally something for everyone here! From soft and elegant to minimal to bold and detailed – these backdrops pair with anything from rustic wood to flower arrangements to deer antlers. The sky is the limit!

Plant Hangers

Macrame plant hangers also make beautiful accent pieces. They are relatively easy to make yourself, or you can buy them online or in stores fairly inexpensively – Kmart have them for $5 a pop.

macrame flower pot hanger

Chair Backs

Macrame chair backs for the bride and groom are beautiful way to incorporate this boho style into your wedding theme. Check out these amazing chair backs from Mosshound Designs:

macrame chair backs

Splash out on a stylish hand-made chair back for the bride and groom (Image: Mosshound Designs).

Candle Holders

Careful here with fire and twine, but hanging candle holders made of macrame make absolutely gorgeous centrepieces. You can use solar lamps instead of fire to minimise potential fire hazards (no thank you!), but a suitably shaped jar with a large tealight inside will work just fine. The don’t need to be hanging either – a jar can be macramed and placed on the table.

macrame candle hangers

These gorgeous hanging candles have a perfectly sized jar inside for a tealight.


Table Runners

Literally one of the cutest vintage ways to accent your table. Paired with tall, elegant candles and lush greenery, macrame table runners come in a range of styles and will create a truly memorable element to your table. Best of all, you can keep them and use them for special occasions down the line!

Macrame table runner

There you have it! Did I miss anything? Feel free to get in touch with your macrame tips or photos you’d like to share from your own boho wedding! We all love a good bit of inspo.

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